View your one45 events in our mobile app

Good news! one45 users can now view their curriculum, rotation, and academic session events right in the mobile app. To access this new feature, users will need to update to the latest version of the one45 mobile app in their app store.


In the itinerary view, you can immediately see what’s next in your day, or use the drop down menu to browse events that are coming up in the next weeks and months, as well as those that have occured in the past three months.… Read More

(Updated) It’s easier than ever to initiate “self-sends” in one45

Programs using DOPS, Mini-CEX, Field Notes, Daily Cards or other workplace-based assessments in their practice are going to love this update. We’ve made a number of changes to our “self-send” tools that make it easier to launch new assessments, and select the correct person to evaluate.

Your learners and faculty can initiate a new assessment directly from their To Do page. When you are setting up an assessment, one45 guides you through choosing the relevant rotation or clerkship, and will suggest the person you’re most likely to assess or be assessed by.Read More

one45 mobile app now available for Apple iOS and Android

We are pleased to announce a new way for filling out assessments and surveys for our WebEval system.

The one45 mobile app allows faculty, staff and learners to complete their “Forms to complete” assessments from their phone or tablet devices.

Designed from the ground up with mobile device usage in mind, the one45 app gives people the freedom to complete evaluations from anywhere, and will make it easier than ever to get their work done and share feedback with their colleagues.Read More

Best practices for incorporating competency-based assessment with one45

With the new year now well underway for most of us, I am using this opportunity to start a fresh discussion about how programs like yours are using one45 for competency-based assessment. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to administrators and directors of a number of programs over the last few months and you’ve shared some of the ways that you are using one45 for competency-based assessment. I’ve also fielded a number of questions asking me about what other programs are doing, so I wanted to share what I’ve learned, and I encourage you to share some of your own experiences.… Read More

What’s in an EPA?

I’ve read two interesting and practical articles about entrustable professional activities (EPAs) recently. The first article gives some great insights into how EPAs relate to each other, to training levels, and competency milestones. The second article which I came across from the KeyLime Podcast (episode 91) shares the experiences of a few Canadian Family Medicine Programs as they implemented EPAs.

There is much that the authors of the two articles agree upon. For example, both articles share a similar outlook on how competency milestones influence different levels of entrustment decisions.… Read More

one45 User Conference – October 20, 2015 – Vancouver BC

This October, one45 would like to welcome our administrators to our home city of Vancouver BC with the first annual one45 Administrator Meetup.

The one45 Administrator Meetup is a one-day conference that brings together one45 administrators from all over North America. We’ve scheduled the event to coincide with the ICRE 2015 conference, also happening in Vancouver, to give attendees a chance to attend both conferences and reduce travel costs.

What attendees will get from the meetup:

  • Receive one-on-one help from one45 experts to implement or optimize your processes
  • Get a sneak peek into our product roadmap and learn about new features
  • Receive comprehensive training on one45 (sessions for basic and advanced users)
  • Learn valuable tips and tricks on how to maximize your usage of the one45 system
  • Interact with top administrators at round table discussions, key note presentations, and a networking lunch

Check out the Program & Registration details here: More