The one45 product has been an excellent tool for all of our evaluation, patient and procedure logging, small group assessment, and curriculum mapping needs. Even more impressive than the product, however, are the committed support team members this company employs. From the most minor questions to emergent issues, the support staff continuously delivers in every way. I have and will continue to recommend this product to anyone who asks.

Matthew Gentile

Director of Assessment

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

We had our LCME site visit this year and received the full 8 years accreditation. Our evaluation system (powered in large part by one45) was noted to be a strength of our program here. Thanks again.

Andria Thomas, PhD

Associate Dean, Evaluation Services

Augusta University

Even though we have been customers for several years, the customer support is just as fast and attentive as when we were brand new customers.

Thanks to the centralized curriculum management, oversight systems and student logging systems from one45, we had a very successful LCME visit.

Edward Simanton, PhD

Director of Evaluation and Assessment

Sanford School of Medicine, University of South Dakota

We have a very complex student evaluation system at Einstein and we've tried out 7 different online evaluation packages over the past 12 years. one45 is by far the best package we have used. It is relatively user friendly, it is easy to track completions, several nice options are available for producing reports, and we particularly appreciate the support that is provided.

William Burton

Director, Office of Educational Resources

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

I am always happy to speak to anyone trying to decide with a program. one45 is the best evaluation product out there.

Debra Liptak

DVM Student Coordinator

Colorado State University

one45 CEO Brian Clare and his team were very supportive and most of all, committed to helping us find and implement, in time, the solutions we needed for our transition to a new curriculum. one45 has demonstrated to be a real partner for us and we wish nothing but to continue this successful and long-lasting partnership.

Marcio Rosas

Project Manager for Technology and Informatics

Georgetown University

We have been working with one45 for nearly a year now, and I have to say that ever since we moved our evaluations to this system I have been smiling. Smiling because of the ease with which the program was implemented. Smiling because of the wonderful, friendly, quick customer service. And smiling because I no longer have frustrated preceptors or residents contacting me to complain!  Everyone loves this system and it was so easy to learn and teach to others.

Thank you one45!! 

Julie Rendell

Postgraduate Coordinator

Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)

I must say, I just love one45 people more than any other system we use. Y'all are awesome and that is not just because you're Canadian.

Courtney N. Kozar, MS

Coordinator for Assessment and Academic Services

Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy

This is a system that we have had in place for a few years now. Because they never cease to amaze us with their ability to make our lives easier and the endless possibilities with their program, we thought it would be a good idea to share this very wonderful program with the other Residency Training Programs at the University of Saskatchewan.

Shelley Johnson

Program Coordinator

Internal Medicine Residency Program, University of Saskatchewan

one45 has eased the process of filling out evaluations; it has also enabled us to view our continuous assessment results with just the click of a button.

Muhammad Mustafa

Fifth-year MBBS student

The Aga Khan University, Medical College in Pakistan

One45 is a very powerful program that helps manage tasks and information for residents, administrators, and faculty by utilizing tools and workflows that are tried and true. I love this platform!

Jacquie Dawkins

Medical Education Program Coordinator (MEPC)

University of Alberta

I think one45 offers everything a Program Admin needs regarding evals and scheduling. It is easy to use, and I like the added features such as mobile capability, Academic Half Day evaluations, Procedure Logs and the CBD competency mapping.

Jennifer Glow

Electives & Evaluations Coordinator

University of Calgary

I have had a great relationship with one45 over the years and for sure your people have had to put up with my many requests. I forget from year to year and you are always happy to guide me in the right direction and offer assistance. Also, when we have had new requests, your suggestions come very quickly.

Lori Dawes

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean, Academic

University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine

Our school recently implemented a new curricular structure and decided that we needed to find a company that provided solutions for our evaluation data collection and curricular mapping needs. After several months of looking around at software designed to handle both of our needs, we selected one45. I have found the training and support provided by one45 to be outstanding and they gladly worked with us on a very short implementation time line. Their staff has been responsive to our needs and has provided reliable and timely support when needed.

Gwen Shonkwiler, PhD

Evaluation and Assessment Specialist

University of Nevada School of Medicine

Always got an amazing service at all level, every time I needed, congrats!

Mariane Tremblay

Application Support Specialist, Medtech Information Management Services

University of Ottawa

Our use of one45 has kept growing almost yearly over the last 10+ years, because of the value it brings us and their excellent support and implementation teams. I don’t know where we would be today without one45 solutions in our Postgrad, Undergrad, and 2 other programs! It’s a wonderful thing to know that our needs are well understood, and to have great integration options like APIs to allow us to innovate even further.

Mark Drapak

Information Technology Unit

University of Saskatchewan

I am still sold on one45. I love the system and the folks at one45. They have always supported me and I can’t brag enough about their service.

Michael Sims, PhD


University of Tennessee Knoxville School of Veterinary Medicine

I have received the best support and I am happy with all of the one45 team. Because we are in the first year of our clerkships, I have submitted several tickets for support. Each and every person that I have communicated with has been patient and outstanding in their assistance. Thank you all so much!

Alfredo Hinojosa

Systems Analyst II

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine