Student assessment scores come in from external high-stakes exam providers. They’re also in your Student Information System, your clinical placements assessment system, and your testing system. Your students are getting frustrated and ask you if there’s one place they can go to get their grades. What do you do?

Students of medical education programs are assessed many times, in many ways throughout their programs. Generating their grades can be a challenge when scores are spread out across different systems. one45’s grades add-on lets you manage and access all your grades in one place.


Calculate grades directly from clinical assessments

grade sheetsIf you are using Webeval for clinical assessments, you can link your assessment forms to customized grade calculations. Once clinical assessment results are collected, your learners’ grades are automatically calculated.




Import grades from other systems through Microsoft Excel

import gradesWhen you export assessment scores from test-taking systems and other assessment tools, the results are often available in Excel format. You can import grades data from any Excel sheet, link it to learner profiles, and control what information is visible to users.



Manage all your grades in one interface

manage gradesOnce you’ve entered, calculated, or imported all of your grades, you can see all of your grades in the Manage Grades interface. From this interface, you can edit grades, release them to learners, and export them for your student information system. Your learners can now access all their grades in one place.


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