Specially Designed for Medical Education

Manage. Schedule. Assess. Track. one45 provides a powerful suite of software tools to suit your program’s needs

Manage what your students will learn and how you will deliver & assess their learning

Education is about identifying what you want students to learn, providing the experiences for them to learn it, and figuring out if they learned it. Simple, but not at all easy.

In order to become competent healthcare professionals, students need to learn a massive amount of information. As a result, the task of cataloguing, organizing, and planning a healthcare education curriculum becomes a huge job that involves a lot of people.

Our CurricMap tool helps you map your learning objectives to the learning experiences your program provides, letting you centrally manage and access your students' learning.

Learn more about our CurricMap module for managing your learning objectives and mapping your curriculum.

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Create & manage schedules for your clinical placements & academic sessions, all in one place

Once you’ve got your curriculum under control, you need to deliver it. Your education program probably has a large variety of learning experiences, from didactic courses, to small group sessions, to month-long in-training work placements.

Our scheduling tools help you create centralized schedules for all of the learning experiences you provide — you’ll know at a glance who is working where, with whom, and what they’re doing. This makes the task of assessing and tracking your students' process much easier.

Learn more about our Scheduling tools for creating clerkship rotation schedules, curriculum schedules, and academic session schedules

Learn more about our Lottery tools for automatically generating clerkship and elective schedules

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Assess the performance of your learners, faculty, and educational experiences

Your curriculum is mapped and your students are in the middle of the educational experiences that you’ve scheduled for them.

Now come the crucial questions. Are they performing at the appropriate level? Are they learning what they need to learn? Are they finding their experiences valuable? Are the teachers doing a good job teaching?

When your program is up and running, collecting evaluations and assessment data at regular intervals is critical to your success.

Learn more about WebEval for collecting program evaluations & surveys, teaching & instructor assessments, and student & resident assessments.

Learn more about our Grades add-on for managing grades.

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Track the teaching effort of your faculty and the learning experiences of your students

In addition to assessments and evaluations, you need to gather information about what students and faculty are doing within your program’s educational experiences.

For students and residents, you may want to know what types of hours they’re working so they don’t violate duty hours requirements, or which procedures they’re doing and which patients they're seeing. For your faculty, you may want to report on the amount of teaching they’re doing across your schedules.

Our tracking tools let you gather and manage all this data with ease.

Learn more about SkillBook, a tool for students to log clinical procedures and patient encounters

Learn more about our Duty Hours add-on for reporting resident and student working hours in clinical placements

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