View your one45 events in our mobile app

Good news! one45 users can now view their curriculum, rotation, and academic session events right in the mobile app. To access this new feature, users will need to update to the latest version of the one45 mobile app in their app store.

upcoming events       calendar event details

In the itinerary view, you can immediately see what’s next in your day, or use the drop down menu to browse events that are coming up in the next weeks and months, as well as those that have occured in the past three months.

To view event details, such as its location, description, facilitators, and group, simply tap on an event.

calendar past evets

We hope you enjoy this update. Please visit our support site for more information.

Jason Ladicos

About Jason Ladicos

Jason is one45's Product Designer. Having provided technical support for a number of web-based projects at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine early in his career, he has a hands-on understanding of the unique needs of medical school users. Jason has been involved in one45's user interface design since 2002 and he is an invited expert in the Medbiquitous Competencies Working Group.

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