Our new and improved Support Portal is here


one45 administrators, we’re very excited about our new support portal, and we hope you like it too.

Here are a few features that makes our new Support Portal awesome:

  • Easier to use both from our end and your end
  • Provides you the ability to screen record within the ticket
  • Allows inline screenshots so you no longer have to click on a URL to view images
  • Allows us to support you more efficiently by allowing more flexibility and automation

To access the new Support Portal, simply click the Support tab in one45, as you have done in the past.

Destiny P.

About Destiny P.

one45's Client Services Manager, Destiny, leads a high-caliber team of Product Support experts whose mission is to leave one45 clients feeling happy and empowered. As a champion of the end user, Destiny's in-depth product knowledge and her focus on providing world class client service helps to drive the continual improvement of system features.

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