Announcing: curriculum gap and redundancy analysis reports

We are excited today to reveal a new reporting tool for curriculum administrators. The one45 gap and redundancy analysis report gives curriculum administrators greater insight into their curriculum by allowing them to see where competencies, instructional methods, assessment methods, (or anything else that can be captured in a mapping list) are covered in the curriculum.

Curriculum administrators can use the report to look for gaps in coverage as well as areas where particular topics are covered too much.… Read More

Upcoming one45 implementation? What Super Admins can expect

So your institution has decided to purchase one45, and you’ve been selected as the one45 “Super Administrator”. What happens now?

Our clients are often surprised to learn that preparation for their one45 implementation actually begins long before any official implementation kickoff. That’s because we thoroughly document your program’s specific requirements throughout the sales process. When it’s time to implement one45, our Sales & Implementation team snaps to action and uses the information to devise a fully customized training plan for your program.… Read More

Announcing: one45 Calendar Synchronization

Today, we are excited to announce the official release of our calendar synchronization feature.

one45 users can now sync events from their one45 calendars to their mobile devices and calendar software. We officially support iOS (including iPhone and iPad), Android Calendar, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook for Windows. If you are running Exchange, you can also use Outlook for Macintosh through the web interface. If you’re using another tool to manage your schedule, and it supports common online calendaring standards, you should also be all set.… Read More

Use assessment and reporting to build a process for making cultural change

Everyone has probably witnessed disrespectful or disruptive behavior in the workplace at some point in their careers. Institutionally, however, we usually turn our heads and ignore the problem. In a survey quoted by A. Lorris Betz in his Leadership Plenary talk at this year’s AAMC Conference, 70% of participants indicated that they observe disruptive behavior each month, and 11% said they observe it every day.

Bad behavior is a symptom of a larger cultural disease. With a culture of disrespect where disruptive behavior is tolerated, a viscous cycle exists where the resulting hostile work environments lead to more bad behavior, dissatisfied patients, and an increase in malpractice suits.… Read More

Maximizing your use of one45: Tips from the ICRE Program Administrators Conference

Last week, I attended the ICRE conference in Toronto. The ICRE conference is always a great opportunity to catch up with clients and old friends and to learn about how users are using the one45 system.

This year, one45 was once again invited by the Royal College to host a workshop at the ICRE Program Administrators Conference. I get really excited when program administrators approach us wondering how they can take advantage of all that one45 has to offer.… Read More

What is curriculum management?

Imagine a perfect curriculum– one that is tailored to your learning outcomes, with content sequencing that’s just right, teaching types that highlight your institution’s approach to learning, and everything assessed and evaluated in just the right spots. It’s a thing of beauty.

But there’s a problem. A curriculum is just a big learning plan. As new research is published and as practices change, you will be forced to make updates to curriculum content. Abnormal assessment scores will force you to revisit your sequencing and assessment approach.… Read More