New competency and workplace-based assessment tools to help you prepare for the new academic year

This fall Anesthesiology and Otolaryngology programs across Canada will start transitioning to Competency by Design (CBD) – a new competency based approach for measuring and tracking resident performance. The CBD transition means changes in assessment workflows to frequent, formative assessments. The CBD transition also means changes to performance review by linking assessment data to entrustable professional activities (EPAs), competencies, and milestones.

We are very close to releasing our new evaluation workflow tools geared toward programs using one45 for formative and work-place based assessments. The upcoming update gives you the option to release the results of formative assessments available to learners immediately after the forms are submitted, even if you are using those assessments as part of a head evaluation scenario, where an assessment is fed into an end-of-clerkship or end-of-rotation assessment filled out by a program director.

For example, if you have a daily assessment or mini-cex form that your faculty use to assess learners on a daily or weekly basis, you probably want the learners to see the results of those formative assessments right away. You may also want those assessments to feed into an end of clerkship or end of rotation assessment filled out by a program director. The new workflow options give you the flexibility to release feedback right away, and incorporate it into summative assessments later.

More updates are coming before the start of the next academic year. We will be releasing new tools that will allow you to link questions on your forms to entrustable professional activities, competencies, and milestones; and new reporting options that will allow you to measure learner performance against those activities, competencies, and milestones longitudinally regardless of the form or rotation the data came from.

If you’re incorporating more formative feedback into your evaluation workflow, we will be offering two webinars to help you start getting ready for the new academic year. Register here:

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017
Preparing your Program for Competency Based Education in one45

Thursday, June 8th, 2017
Competency Based Education in one45 – Q & A with Product Manager, Jason Ladicos


And also check out this Quick Reference Sheet for preparing your Program for CBD.

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Jason is one45's Product Designer. Having provided technical support for a number of web-based projects at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine early in his career, he has a hands-on understanding of the unique needs of medical school users. Jason has been involved in one45's user interface design since 2002 and he is an invited expert in the Medbiquitous Competencies Working Group.

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