Best Practices

Best practices for super administrators

Do you have problems getting students to fill in evaluations and patient encounter logs?
How much effort should you put into curriculum management?
How do you showcase your curriculum for accreditation?
What the heck are Spider Graphs and what do they have to do with Competency-Based Education and assessment?

Since 2001, one45 has helped medical schools all over the world improve their administrative processes. We know medical school administration better than anyone else, and we’ve put together a set of Best Practices Guides to help you with your medical school administration.

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6 curriculum management best practices for accreditation How to create a great curriculum map

6 curriculum management best practices for accreditation

This guide highlights some current trends surrounding curriculum standards and offers 6 ways to improve your school’s curriculum management using software.
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How to create a great curriculum map without wasting a lot of time

This guide contains tips to help you ensure your curriculum map is not only LCME compliant, but also useful to your staff and students.
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How to optimize your encounter logs How to Visually Represent Competency: Spider Graphs & Radar Plots

How to optimize your encounter logs for a better student experience

We examined thousands of completed student and resident logs and put together some recommendations based on these findings.
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How to visually represent competency: spider graphs & radar plots

More and more education programs are seeking to
implement competency-based education. This guide explores the pros and cons of using spider graphs to visualize an individual’s competence.
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Build or buy when choosing administration software

How to make better “buy or build” decisions when choosing administrative software

Before you invest time, money, and resources in a large software system, read this guide for tips on making better “buy or build” decisions.
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