What is one45?

one45 is a technology company that caters to the needs of education programs.

We create web-based software tools and services that help these programs manage their learning experiences. We strive to help our clients take control of their program’s administration challenges and direct their efforts more effectively to the business of training great professionals.

How long has one45 been around?

one45 Software was founded in 2001 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Where does the name one45 come from?

Back in 2001, two of the founding members of one45 would get together once a week for 45 minutes to discuss how to turn their excitement for technology and the web into a successful business. When they met Dr. Ric Arseneau, the company’s third founder, they were able to combine their ideas with Ric’s passion for people and medical education. A name was needed for the new enterprise, and so the “once a week 45 minute meeting” that started it all became the company name.

What’s so unique about medical education management?

What makes medical education management different from other types of education management is the many types and varieties of learning experiences doctors-in-training must participate in before they receive their credentials. They are evaluated more comprehensively than trainees in many other educational areas. Because of this, medical education institutions are faced with managing complex trainee schedules and increasingly tough accreditation requirements, which in turn require more specialized tools.

Is one45 a learning management system (LMS)?

No. one45’s solutions exist in part because Learning Management Systems do a poor or incomplete job of managing the unique needs of medical education programs. For example, our scheduling tool is designed for the needs of programs with internship or clerkship schedules, which the basic course scheduling system of an LMS does not support.

Who are your users?

We currently work with UGME and PGME clients around the world. Our client list is constantly growing. Users of our system include students, faculty, and administrators.

Does one45 integrate with external systems?

We provide RESTful APIs that allow clients to build client-side integrations with one45. Using APIs, you can access one45 data from your external exam systems, scheduling systems, learning management systems, and more. We also have a few pre-built integrations with some of the most common external systems.

How does the one45 implementation process work?

We have a comprehensive customer onboarding and training process. For full details on our implementation methodology, check out this blog post.

Where can one45 users get help? Do you have an instruction manual?

On our comprehensive online user support portal, you can search hundreds of Help articles and browse topics covering all aspects of one45’s tools and workflows. Our support hotline is available to one45 administrators on Weekdays from 8am – 5pm PST. Student, resident, or faculty users can contact program administrators for assistance or use the support portal.

I’m a one45 user, how do I reset my username and password?

To protect your security, we do not have access to your confidential username and password information. If you have forgotten your login information, click the Need help logging in link on your login screen for instructions on how to reset your information.