About the one45 Community

The idea behind one45’s community is to bring together medical educators, researchers, administrators, and technologists to help make medical education more effective.

Why did we start it?

one45 is fortunate to have a great relationship with our customers. We’ve heard at meetings and from our colleagues and customers that there is a need for an online place to share ideas and collaborate in medical education. With the community, we want to bring our customers and people outside of our core user base together to collaborate on interesting projects that will have a benefit to medical education as a whole.

How do you see this evolving over time?

Initially, the community will help us collaborate with customers on product changes (like APIs, or CBME). Eventually, we want to bring together many different people in the medical education community (like researchers, developers, program administrators) to collaborate on bigger projects that don’t only involve one45’s products and services.

What’s in it for one45?

Just like our customers, we have a vested interest in helping make education delivery more effective. It was how we were founded and we think it is a natural extension of what we offer!

Who’s behind this thing?

The community team at one45 is Jason, Adam, Meegan, and Brian.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in joining the one45 community, sign-up here.