Software specifically-built for medical schools, residency programs and veterinary programs

  • manage
  • Manage
  • Manage what your students will learn and how you will deliver & assess their learning
  • manage
  • Schedule
  • Create & manage schedules for your clinical placements & academic sessions, all in one place
  • manage
  • Assess
  • Assess the performance of your learners, faculty, and educational experiences
  • manage
  • Track
  • Track the teaching effort of your faculty and the learning experiences of your students

Featured Clients

I have had a great relationship with one45 over the years and for sure your people have had to put up with my many requests. I forget from year to year and you are always happy to guide me …


Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean, Academic

University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine

I think one45 offers everything a Program Admin needs regarding evals and scheduling. It is easy to use, and I like the added features such as mobile capability, Academic Half Day evaluations,…

Jennifer Glow

Electives & Evaluations Coordinator

University of Calgary

I must say, I just love one45 people more than any other system we use. Y’all are awesome and that is not just because you’re Canadian.…

Courtney N. Kozar, MS

Coordinator for Assessment and Academic Services

Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy

We have a very complex student evaluation system at Einstein and we’ve tried out 7 different online evaluation packages over the past 12 years. one45 is by far the best package…

William Burton

Director, Office of Educational Resources

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

I am always happy to speak to anyone trying to decide with a program. one45 is the best evaluation product out there.…

Debra Liptak

DVM Student Coordinator

Colorado State University

one45 has eased the process of filling out evaluations; it has also enabled us to view our continuous assessment results with just the click of a button.…

Muhammad Mustafa

Fifth-year MBBS student

The Aga Khan University, Medical College in Pakistan